Marriage Equality

Before marriage equality became the law of the land, I had this separate section on my website as a way to let couples know I am a supporter of the LGBTQ community, to which I also belong.  But now marriage is "just marriage", not "straight marriage" or "same sex marriage"!  Yet I feel inclined to leave this page up a little while longer, until those dark days of the lack of marriage equality become a distant memory.

Although the elements of a same sex ceremony are really no different from a ceremony for a straight couple, there are nuances. I understand those nuances and can help create a ceremony and make recommendations that reflect your needs.

Your ceremony can be anything you want it to be. Throw away old ideas about what a ceremony should include, and start fresh! Let's create your perfect wedding day!

Contact me so we can discuss your wedding dreams!

Valerie Coleman
Wedding Officiant and Celebrant

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Our guests said it was an amazing, unique ceremony, and a friend who is an event planner said it was the most moving and most meaningful ceremony he’d ever seen. We are forever in Val’s debt for making our wedding day the most perfect day we could have hoped for."- John & Wendell
"Val did a really fantastic job, starting with asking us lots of questions about ourselves that she ended up weaving into the ceremony. She was very communicative and open to the way we wanted the ceremony to go. Would highly recommend! "- Abby & Laura